Consequences of the feminine beauty ideal: Creating anxiety in women Even clinical depression and suicidality Social effect of the ideal The beauty ideal and eating disorders. Also here. Beauty and self harm Body image and alcohol abuse The ideal is a social construct and subject to change over time. Also here. Indoctrination of the young: The ideal in Fairy Tales (see Discussion and Conclusion) Young men can be at risk, too. How to develop a healthy body image (read links, too) Complete text of THE BLUEST EYE by Toni Morrison Homework Packet for The Bluest Eye. Guided Reading Questions due throughout the month -- all questions finished by May 31. Complete audiobook of The Bluest Eye on YouTube. Due Wednesday, April 12 Read "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty and answer questions 3, 4, 6, 7 on page 828 of the American Lit textbook plus this: "Compare this story to TEWWG with regard to: (a) race); and (b) the passage of time" Also Tuesday, April 11 Be prepared for objective test on TEWWG. Friday, March 10 Be prepared for reading check on TEWWG chapters 5-11! Reading schedule for Their Eyes Were Watching God. Chapters 1-4 Wednesday, March 1

Chapters 5-6 Monday, March 6

Chapters 7-11 Friday, March 10

Chapters 12-15 Wednesday, March 15

Chapters 16-18 Monday, March 20 Chapters 19-20 Friday, March 24 You may answer the guided reading questions or you can maintain a reading journal with four entries per chapter. Guided reading questions should be answered in complete sentences which incorporate the question.

Their Eyes Were Watching God. Link to on-line version of the text. Link to .zip file for audiobook.

​Due Friday, February 24 Culminating paper for The Joy Luck Club.  You have your choice of responding to three of the questions on this sheet OR comparing and contrasting the book and film version of the story in three aspects, as specified in this organizer. Minimum 700 words (2 typed pages), Times New Roman 12, MLA format, including heading.

You can download a .zip file of the audiobook for The Joy Luck Club at this link.

Due Monday, January 23
Reader response essay to the story A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker, according to this description. A model reader response essay is found here.

Reading Schedule for Joy Luck Club


The Joy Luck Club January 5

Scar January 9

The Red Candle January 9

The Moon Lady January 11


Rules of the Game January 13

The Voice from the Wall January 18

Half and Half January 18

Two Kinds January 20


Rice Husband January 23

MIDTERM EXAMS - No homework January 24-27

Note -- Midterms may include up through “Rice Husband”

Four Directions January 30

Without Wood February 1

Best Quality February 3


Magpies February 6

Waiting Between The Trees February 8

Double Face February 10

A Pair of Tickets February 13 Wednesday, January 4 Bring four (4) open-ended discussion questions for use in a Socratic seminar about How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents. Monday, December 12 Fabulation, or the Re-education of Undine by Lynn Nottage can be read here. Due Monday, December 5 Completed guided reading questions for the story "Sweat" by Zora Neale Hurston.

Due Wednesday, November 30 Please write a thank-you note to producer-director Aaron Matthews for access to his film My American Girls.

Your note should also include two things you liked or connected to in the film and one question you have, as well as anything else you would like to say. It may be handwritten or digital, by e-mail or share to klockhart@roselleschools.org

Here is a link to a .zip file of the audiobook of Garcia Girls. Clink on the link, download the file and then open it with an unzip program to access the .mp3 files and listen to them in the audio app of your choice.
Reading Schedule for How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accent

Antojos November 18

The Kiss November 21

The Four Girls November 23

Joe November 28

The Rudy Elmenhurst Story November 28

A Regular Revolution November 30

Daughter of Invention December 2

Trespass December 5

Snow December 7

Floor Show December 9

The Blood of the Conquistadores December 12

The Human Body December 14

Still Lives December 16

An American Surprise December 19

The Drum December 21

For each chapter, please complete at least four (4) journal entries in double column format.


Due Tuesday, November 15 Prepare 4 open-ended questions for Socratic Seminar on Annie John. For Monday, November 7 Prepare for Annie John objective test. Due Wednesday, November 2 Journal for Chapter 8 of Annie John. Due Tuesday, November 1 Journal for Chapter 7 of Annie John. Due Monday, October 31 1000-word essay on the poem "sorry." Due Friday, October 28 Journal for Chapter 6 of Annie John. Due Thursday, October 27 Journal for Chapter 5 of Annie John. Due Wednesday, October 26 Journal for Chapter 4 of Annie John. Due Tuesday, October 25 Journal for Chapter 3 of Annie John. Due Monday, October 24 Journal for Chapter 2 of Annie John. Due Friday, October 21 Journal for Chapter 1 of Annie John. Due Friday, October 14 Prepare (in writing) four (4) open-ended discussion questions about the film Iron-Jawed Angels. Due Tuesday, October 11 Read The Storyteller's Daughter through Chapter 20 (the end) and journal. Due Friday, October 7 Read The Storyteller's Daughter through Chapter 16 and journal. Due Wednesday, October 5 Read The Storyteller's Daughter through Chapter 13 and journal. Due Monday, October 3 Read The Storyteller's Daughter through Chapter 10 and journal. Due Tuesday, September 27: Using at least five examples from the text, write an essay of at least 1000 words on how Glaspell develops a theme in this short play.  The theme should have some connection with the broader themes of our course, such as women’s identity; and your proof should be very specific -- particular lines, bits of action, etc.

Suggested themes include:

Female identity Law vs. Justice Male dominance Violence within the home Female bonding and/or empathy Female isolation Spheres of control (woman - domestic “trifles”; man - the greater world) Freedom v. confinement

Paper in MLA format

Times New Roman 12

Preferably submitted digitally by attachment or link to klockhart@roselleschools.org

PARCC LAT rubric applies

100 Test Point Value

Here is a link to the play itself.

Click the link to see the television documentary Beneath The Veil which Saira Shah describes making in Chapter 1 of the book.

Due Friday, September 23: Read Chapters 8-10 of The Storyteller's Daughter and complete 5 journal entries for each chapter.

Due Wednesday, September 21:  Read Chapters 5-7 of The Storyteller's Daughter and complete 5 journal entries for each chapter.

Due Monday, September 19:  Read Chapters 1-4 of The Storyteller's Daughter by Saira Shah and complete 5 journal entries for each chapter.

You can download blank journal pages here, and either print them, or type your entries directly into this Word doc.  Here is a model journal page.

Audiobook is available.  Text, e-mail or speak to me in class.

Due Tuesday, September 13:  Annotate the rhymes and the figurative language in "Lost Ones" by Lauryn Hill

Due Monday, September 12:  Read the excerpt from A Room of One's Own handed out in class and attached here.  Be prepared for class discussion on Woolf's explanation why there is no significant women's literature before the early 1800s.  This discussion will culminate in a paper to be assigned.