PD 360

PD360- The Basics.pptx


Excel 2008_ Using undo and redo.m4v
Create headers and footers for documents.m4v
Excel 2008_ Importing workbooks.m4v
Excel 2008_ The user interface.m4v
Excel 2008_ Using undo and redo.m4v
Office 2008_ Working with charts.m4v
Office for Mac 2008_ Using the Elements Gallery.m4v
PowerPoint 2008_ Adding and removing slides.m4v
Office for Mac 2008_ Working with SmartArt graphics.m4v
PowerPoint 2008_ Creating new presentations.m4v
PowerPoint 2008_ Rearranging slides.m4v
PowerPoint 2008_ Understanding the interface.m4v
QuickTip - Access folders instantly from the Favorites bar.m4v
QuickTip - Access your pictures within Office.m4v
QuickTip - Download and use clip art from Office Online.m4v
QuickTip - Excel worksheet tips.m4v
QuickTip - Find and use business card templates.m4v
QuickTip - Find e-mail attachments in Spotlight search.m4v
QuickTip - Format, insert, research, and clip with the Toolbox.m4v
QuickTip - Get a fast and free document translation.m4v
QuickTip - Insert a spreadsheet snippet.m4v
QuickTip - Make a bulleted list more visual.m4v
QuickTip - Make text wrap around your pictures.m4v
QuickTip - Save searches to use anytime.m4v
QuickTip - Word table tips.m4v
Word 2008_ Formatting text.m4v
Word 2008_ Selecting text.m4v
Word 2008_ Understanding the interface.m4v
Word 2008_ Using Publishing and Notebook Layout View.m4v


ladybug instructions - iPhone.m4v