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Principal's Message

Dear Abraham Clark High School Parents, Guardians and Community members:

Keeping our school community safe is a top priority at Abraham Clark High School.  Unfortunately, over the past few years, our nation has seen sad and frightening violence in our schools.

In our ongoing effort to maintain a safe school environment for all of our students, staff, parents, visitors and other community members, we have strengthened our security measures.  Going forward, we ask that the following protocol be adhered to as it relates to safety and security at Abraham Clark High School.

  1. All visitors to the building (parents, volunteers, community members, etc.) should only enter Abraham Clark High School through the main entrance located on Sixth Avenue.  Once let in by security officers, you must report directly to the Security Desk to sign the visitor’s book and to receive a visitor’s pass.  This will assist us in knowing who is in our building at all times throughout the day.  Once you are cleared by security, you will be escorted to the main office for further assistance.z
  2. To ensure the safety of our entire school community, Abraham Clark High School will continue to use metal detectors and hand-held security wands.  As is already established, students, staff and visitors to Abraham Clark High School must be screened and cleared at the security checkpoint before proceeding to their destination.  Please refrain from carrying items that may sound off the metal detector or security wand, especially anything that is metal.  Monitoring the operation of these devices will be the Abraham Clark High School Security and Administrative team.

Security officers and administrators will conduct frequent security lockdown/ shelter-in-place drills.  Classrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and outside building perimeter checks will also be conducted more frequently to ensure that our school community is safe.  Students and staff will be asked to cooperate fully during the security drills and safety checks to better prepare in case of an actual emergency or crisis.

In case of an actual emergency or crisis, school officials will be informed.  In turn, parents and other stakeholders will be informed through School Messenger, email, and other forms of social media.  The goal is to quickly and accurately communicate essential information to first responders, district staff, and parents and community members so that the safety of our children is maintained throughout an unlikely event.  It will not be in the best interest of any outside person(s) to come near the school until properly notified.

Of course, I consider the matter of school safety everyone’s business and priority.  It is asked of our community members to keep their eyes and ears open as well and report any suspicious activity or unsafe conditions immediately to school officials and/or call 9-1-1 if deemed an emergency.  

Together, we will continue to keep the safety and well-being of our entire school community a priority.

Safety first,

Rashon Mickens, Principal

and the School Safety Committee